: Kissed: Belle; Sunlight and Shadow; Winter’s Child (Once Upon a Time) (): Cameron Dokey: Books. Absence makes the heart grow fonder—and love grow stronger—in three romantic fairy tale retellings from the author of Once. Belle lacks her. Buy a cheap copy of Kissed book by Cameron Dokey. Absence makes the heart grow fonder—and love grow stronger—in three romantic fairy tale retellings.

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Grace sets out on a dangerous, mystical journey to find him, and along the way, she discovers the meaning of true love. It was so colourful and just beautiful.

And this was the one that I wanted t This book and the rest in this Once Upon a Time series are not what I thought they would be. But there were some very nice descriptions. With so much real-life drama in today’s busy world, Once allows readers to escape into whimsical realms where camerob story has a happily ever after.

Honestly, I never understood why no one could look the Beast in the eye. These stories are your classic fairytales inspiring readers of finding true love and overcoming faults and fears. Cameron has one husband and three cats, and is th Cameron Dokey is an American author living in Seattle, Washington. I really am not sure about the title ‘Kissed’ because in “Belle” the kiss wasn’t given very much attention, but seeing oneself clearly, self-confidence, and wood carving had much greater importance.

And that tale is this: The dokkey stories are so fleshed out as to be almost u The author is amazing. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.


Kuroneko Book Club: [Review] Kissed – Cameron Dokey

I liked that she had twists on already existing stories, but I thought there was a lot of potential left untapped, and the first story especially progressed very slowly to the point where I almost considered not finishing it.

Through hardship, she looks for the meaning of Beautiful. I love to read her book out loud when I was reading, feeling the description and the words that flow through my mind.

Winter’s Child was the other terrfiic one. I truly felt sorry for Deirdre, her father, her name, and that whole situation.

I only have a brief memory when I read in my childhood…very, very long time ago. It felt very forced. So she freely re-imagined each story, shading her characters to dokeu them nuances and a wide range of cameorn. Both are extraordinarily beautiful, that Belle always feels inferior compared to them. I didn’t like it. I found myself loving Belle as a heroine, and Belle and Winter’s Child as the best stories. Okay, this review is going to be filled with emotions.

Kissed by Cameron Dokey | Scholastic

I don’t like the stories that much. Paperbackpages. And in case that you wonder the name, they were all name under their born time, except for Belle, who was named after her grandmother.

Sunlight and Shadow is my favorite retelling in Kissed. But…why do we have to keep changing? I will start cameton the last one because I am so angry at how it turns out. Lady Mina is the daughter of night and day, and he father kidnaps her therefore breaking a promiseand now Mina has to marry Lord Sarastro’s apprentice. Is this any good?

Kissed: Belle / Sunlight and Shadow / Winter’s Child

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not the price or Papagino in the opera, but Papagina.


I removed a star for the bonkers ending with Grace and the falcon. The second story is derived from a story I am not well familiar with but knows the basic. Everything from camrron could have been eleborated on so much more.

Crystal Pacific It is! Our Beauty—or, more precisely, our lack thereof—has already been established. I don’t like the stories that much. Feb 20, Katie Sullivan rated it really liked it.

Beauty and the Beast Belle and her sisters were very interesting to read about. The third installment for me just did not quite develop into what I camegon imagined. That has never solved anyone’s problems in the history of the universe. There was barely any creativity. That aside, I thought all three retellings were interesting and kjssed. Gayna helps Mina escape from her father, Statos refuses Gayna, Mina camefon and falls in love with Tern, Lapin goes off to play a sad song on the bells, and this attracts Gayna, so now apparently that’s a thing.

I have never before heard the story of The Magic Flute, but I definitely understand how it is an opera. Eh, I think it could’ve been better but I guess this genre was just not in my intrest Although I came to accept it and like it, gradually. The stories are not overly flowery.