The Nemausus Social Housing project by Jean Nouvel was completed in , a time during which a massive amount of the population of. Building Type: 4-Storey Low-rise Social Housing Scheme. bullet, Completion: bullet, Total Floor Area: 10, m2. bullet, Architect: Jean Nouvel.

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Nemausus Housing – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

Also recomposes and reinterprets the idea of dragging the flag that grows in height, with common spaces. Horizontal circulations are located throughout the length of each volume, covering three floors. For the independent structure of the stairs using rectangular steel sections, painted red and white stripes, emphasizing the language industry. This was one of the most important aspects of the project in the eyes of Jean Nouvel. A good apartment was flexible, changeable.

Making use of boom lifts for picking fruits from tall trees seems like a great use for them. The materials on Nemausus are given by this particular image so radical.

There are units of three kinds — simplex, duplex, and triplex — resulting in 17 types of units.

The metal-clad caterpillar like structures, called Jewn, is a radical departure from the existing local stock of stucco and terra-cotta-tile low-income housing. Inside the houses, stairs and metal are also reported the different spaces. Structure for working with columns and walls with crude revoke. On the rails of the stairs use of movement and micro-perforated sheet metal as well as aluminum. We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality human translations.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Although the appropriateness of using metal cladding in Hong Kong context is arguable perhaps for its industrial appearance, ease of abuse and so on, the idea of replaceable and recyclable finishing cladding is certainly a plausible one in terms of minimizing demolition waste and ultimate material recycling.

Nemausus — Ateliers Jean Nouvel

They are complemented elevators stuck on the inside of each body, right in the middle of them. The use of standardized metal panels as finishing material allows replacement of individual panels or elements whenever necessary. The lack of safe water nemuasus hygiene and nuvel led to epidemics that resulted in tragedy.

There is also a large green space in between the two buildings for tenants to enjoy. Nemausus Experimental Scheme – Nimes, France. Apart from being greatly cheaper than much of the housing at the time, the Nemausus provided a whole new look for public housing in France. The nouvsl has a very good climate in much of the year and its people have the habit of living far away from home, making use of public space.

Between one half of them projected park and public space nemuasus gives ownership to the residents. By doing this he wanted to encourage the tenants of the building to transform their own apartment to fit their needs. The jdan also suggests maximum opening to the exterior, the designers included long terrace balconies, and garage-type doors opening the full facade width of apartments so as to extend the living area to the outside.

  ASTM D2092 PDF

Among the key questions was the definition of a “good apartment”; a good apartment was, quite simply, as big an apartment as possible.

Nemausus Housing

Jean Nouvel was inspired by industrial buildings, and wanted to apply the concepts of such buildings to the Nemausus project. Nouvel also drew inspiration from the design of ships, and used pre-manufactured industrial components throughout the building. Reuse and recycling potential.

Since the walls nemajsus the cargo flow on both sides corbels to hold the gateway corridor and space-expanding ass. This space is also used to locate the vertical movement inside. The specific site was part of what had been an arboretum, so some of the trees, particularly two lines of plane trees, running down the middle of the site, should be kept.

Once again, through this decision, win space for the dwellings within the volume. The replaced metal panel on the other hand nemaisus able to be recycled without generating any significant amount of demolition waste.

Conway Lloyd Morgan — “The Nemausus social housing project has, since it was completed inbecome nemaudus well know that it is difficult to put its radical qualities into proper perspective. For the load on each of them not too, Nouvel poses a counterweight system. Design Concept and Principles.