The Fist of God: A Novel [Frederick Forsyth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the bestselling author of The Day of the Jackal. Frederick Forsyth Martin parachutes into the Iraqi mountains on the most hazardous mission of his life: to find and destory Qubth-ut-Allah – the Fist of God. From the bestselling author of The Day of the Jackal, international master of intrigue Frederick Forsyth, comes a thriller that brilliantly blends.

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In a whopping great coincidence it turns out that the engineer who master-minded the erection of the gun and the complete concealment of the military base, attended the same Baghdad prep school as Mike and Terry, Osman Badri, who we see supervising its construction and who then plays a crucial role in its destruction, pages later.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. So, the Iraqi forces under the command of Saddam Hussien invaded Kuwait when put the west in rock-and-roll position to safeguard the Saudi Arabia from Flst encroachment. The son of a furrier, he was born in Ashford, Kent, educated at Tonbridge School and later fredsrick the University of Granada.

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Focusing on the first Gulf war, it tells the story of an S. Sep 10, Jonaid Abdullah rated it it was amazing.

Not everyone lives to see the end of the book. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Meanwhile, as you can imagine, the news that Iraq has the bomb, or at least fredercik bomb, comes as a thunderbolt to the Allied commanders. The Medusa committee concludes that Iraq’s biological weapons capability is not a threat and, despite possessing a plentiful supply of yellowcakeit’s had insufficient time with its limited underground centrifuges to spin frrederick out into the weapons-grade uranium to make an atomic bomb.


The Fist of God by Frederick Forsyth () | Books & Boots

He is quite nerveless. I’m no expert, but he portrays what it may have been like serving a tyrant. Whatever, Forsyth never disappoints, and this thriller will keep you page-turning until the conclusion.

Slightly less impressed by the narration, so all the stars are for the author. One of the most celebrated thrillers ever written, The Day of the Gld is the electrifying story of an anonymous Englishman who in, the spring ofwas hired by Colonel Marc Rodin, Operations Chief of the O.

The Fist of God by Frederick Forsyth (1994)

Days later, and after the hour war is over, Jericho, following the detailed instructions in that message, approaches the Kuwait border in a Cadillac, where he is met, as arranged, by British and American generals. Frederkck slowly do we get flashbacks, memories and references which paint in the backstory in fragments which we, the reader, have to assemble.

Egypt, about the reign of Rameses I.

When US and British intelligence find out about this, they send in their own man fish re-establish contact with the mysterious Jericho via an elaborate system of safe houses and secret signs. Jun 18, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Jun 01, Stefan rated it it was amazing. Which scene was your favorite?

And he’s at it again here in the thi I picked this up in a charity shop in Scarborough in late July fiet Tom Clancy Narrated by: The Winkler Bank Another Jericho-related strand is set in Vienna, where Mossad know the payments Jericho demands for his work are sent to an old and venerable bank, the Winkler Bank. The Day of the Jackal By: The narrators has a pleasant voice but his halting style continually detracts from the content or loses the point.


On it, those men and women who fiwt threaten the world’s security.

Mk 1 human eyeball etc. There American lawyer Joel Converse meets a man he hasn’t seen in 20 years, a covert operative who dies violently at his feet, whispering words that hand Frederidk a staggering legacy of death: He also laid the scene of the opera in Egypt, where freemansory believes its rites to have originated.

It is a highly dangerous operation, the results of which cause the Allies to delay their ground assault for four days – while Martin parachutes into the Iraqi mountains on the most hazardous mission of his life: He buys a few goats as cover and then treks south to the motorbike he and his SAS colleagues buried in the sand weeks earlier for precisely this reason. Tabbing — trekking across country with equipment: I originally bought a hard-bound copy in a used book store several years ago, read it with amazement, then lent it to a brother-in-law and planned to lend it to others when I got it back.