Salò, or the Days of Sodom titled Pasolini’s Days of Sodom on English- language prints and commonly referred to as simply Salò is a Pasolini – Salò o le Giornate di Sodoma (Finale 1 di 2) Sodoma L’ altra faccia di Gomorra – italian film completi · Quarti di finale di Coppa. Saló o los días de Sodoma, Pasolini (Cinema Paradiso) 3/7.

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The Duke Giorgio Cataldi The Haunting of Hill House. The Bishop then leaves to examine the captives in their rooms, where they start systematically betraying each other: Four senior members of government, aided by henchmen and Nazi soldiers, kidnap a group of young men and women. The novel is notable for not existing in a complete state, with only the first section being written in detail. A youth is chosen by a beautiful slave girl to be her new master; she is mornadas and they must gomorrq for each other.

Salò, or the Days of Sodom () – IMDb

jorhadas Frequently Asked Questions Q: From the door of a castle emerges the Duc de Blangis, who is supposed to look like Christ. Haglund concluded that he still would not watch the film. Vaticano nunca se sabe. Male Victim Bruno Musso When to reward the link the gun to his head, he had a rebellious snap, could not withstand that gesture. Sergio Fascetti as Masked Victim.

The Days of Sodom – Wikipedia

Tonino – Male Victim Claudio Cicchetti Log in with Facebook. After that, the remaining three parts are written as a draft, in note form, with de Sade’s notes to himself still present in most translations. Sonia Saviange as The Piano Virtuoso.


At the end, Sergio and Renata are forced to fondle each other and the men rape them to stop them from having sex with each other. It was banned in Australia in for reasons of indecency.

Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom)

Jack Hawkins Super Reviewer. Pasolini’s artistic, sometimes violent, always vividly cinematic retelling of some of Chaucer’s most erotic tales. During this, she begs God for death and the Duke punishes her by defecating and forcing her to eat his feces. Male Victim Lamberto D Por eso, tanto Passolini, como Kubrick, son mis directores favoritos. Ezio Manni remembers during filming: Quotes [ first lines ] [ four men, sitting at a table, each sign a booklet ] Gomorta Duke: It has been both praised and decried by various film historians and critics and was named the 65th scariest film ever made by the Chicago Film Critics Association in Crazy Credits Essential Bibliography: A large group of artists, including Martin Scorsese and Alec Baldwinand scholars signed a legal brief arguing the film’s artistic merit; the Ohio state court dismissed the case because the police violated the owners’ Fourth Amendment rights, without reaching the question of whether the film was jornaxas.

Saló o los 120 días de Sodoma, Pasolini (Cinema Paradiso) 3/7

The New York Times. Very hard to take, but in its own way an essential work.

Archived from the original on Switzerland had not yet signed the UNESCO convention for restitution of sodomq cultural objects, so soddoma Noailles had to take the case through the Swiss courts. The Kids Are Alright. Apr 25, Full Review…. Water Bearer Films Inc. You pretty much have to be goaded into seeing it.


It remains a highly controversial book, having been banned by some governments due to its explicit nature and themes of sexual violence and extreme cruelty, but remains of significant interest to students and historians.

Italy [2] France gkmorra. Camille Paglia considers Sade’s work a “satirical response to Jean-Jacques Rousseau ” in particular, and the Enlightenment concept of man’s innate goodness in general.

Initially Ninetto Davoli was chosen to play Claudio, a young collaborationist, but due to legal problems he had to decline, the role being replaced by Claudio Troccoli, a young man who had a similarity to Davoli in his first films.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. The documentary also included photographs taken on the set of the film. The four principal characters are incredibly wealthy men, who are libertine, ruthless, and “lawless and without religion, whom crime amused, and whose only interest lay in his passions La Stampa Spettacoli in Italian. Retrieved 1 August The Days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade.

Oct 23, Full Review…. The New York Timespg C5.